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Featured Historical & Cultural Events in San Diego


To Be Announced  2001
Annual Pacific Islander Festival

July 21, 2001
511TH Annual Grunion Festival

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New Updates on Historic Preservation

May 1999

(3 acre site under construction in Old Town - viewed  from the trolley station)

Fitch-Carillo House & Juan Maria Osuna House Discovered During Silvas/McCoy Excavation!

     Newly discovered while digging a trench to put a fence around the McCoy House project are the Fitch-Carrillo adobe and the Juan Maria Osuna adobe!  Since State Park is proceeding with the McCoy House construction over the remains of the Silvas complex, our attention is now toward a complete archaeological excavation of these two sites and their eventual reconstruction.  Located under the parking lot, they are two of the earliest houses of Old Town and both are important in San Diego and early California history.  The story of Henry Fitch and Josepha Carrillo is a romantic one and famous in local history.  This adobe is believed to be the San Diego's oldest house, probably begun in 1810.  (To add to historical confusion, there is a plaque on the building at the nearby golf course that incorrectly identifies it as the Fitch-Carrillo adobe.)  The Osuna adobe was most likely built by Jose Maria Echeandia who was a governor of California under Mexican rule.  In 1838, he deeded the property to Juan Maria Osuna, San Diego's first mayor.  These houses are great historical treasures and should be rebuilt to help tell the fascinating stories of the people who lived in them, as well as to increase the authentic atmosphere of Old Town. 
Area Showing 3 Acre Development Site  
and Locations of the Fitch-Carrillo(#28) and Osuna(#30) Adobes


Original Old Town Adobes

Existing Buildings 

(# 44)  Replica of McCoy House 

(# 32)  Casa de Silvas Adobe Complex  
(# 30)  Casa de Juan Maria Osuna  
(# 28)  Fitch-Carrillo House  
(# 23)  Robinson-Rose House (park hq.) 

(designation numbers from State Park G.D.P.)

San Diego Presidio Excavation is Being Reburied May 25! 

The north wing of the Royal Presidio of San Diego has been excavated over the past few years and is now being reburied.  It is hoped that after a study of the area has been completed, Presidio Hill can be stabilized and the city can investigate the feasibility of restoring at least some of the presidio as a valuable historic resource.

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April 1999

Legal Update ~ Silvas/McCoy Site

After a stay order was not granted, the legal challenge to the State Park development plan for the Silvas/McCoy Site has been dropped in Apellate Court.

The appeal centered on  issues not adequately addressed in the lower court ruling.  Based on new archeological discoveries, partial features originally undefined in earlier court documents submitted by the state have since proved to be a complete wall foundation. (see drawing in archaeological section of this website) 

 A stay order was filed on January 15th to stop construction until the matter was decided in appellate court.  When the stay order was not granted and construction of the site was allowed to proceed, the Silvas complex would be  lost even if the case were won in higher court. 

Even though the legal challenge has been dropped, landscaping and decisions about the remainder of the 3 acre site can still be changed.  The legal process does not seem to be the proper course to pursue in these issues, due to the high cost and uncertainty of success.  There are a number of other avenues being undertaken at this time.

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CHCC Newsletter


Current Projects

  • Website Development
  • Old Town Project
  • Annual Grunion Festival
  • Local Native American History Touring Exhibit
  • Local History CD-rom Educational Tours of Historic Sites
  • In-class and On-site Educational Program for Schools and Critical Hours Programs

What's New?

Right now? ~ EVERYTHING! 

Specifics to be included as website and organization develop, and as time permits.

Upcoming Meetings 

This is a new organization currently being established.  After some of the basic groundwork is complete, a general membership meeting will take place in the near future.   CHCC meeting information will be located in this section of the News & Events Page.  Check this section for the date, time and location of our next meeting.

California History & Culture Conservancy

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